IC 2162. Emission nebula complex in Orion.

This is an interesting star forming region a little over 8000 light years away which can be found in Orion, near the Orion/Gemini border.
It is composed of 5 Sharpless objects, from left to right, SH2-258 (very faint hint), SH2-255(IC 2162), SH2-257, 256 (just under 257) and the large and diffuse SH2-254.
This was pretty tricky to image….the two main regions are quite bright but I wanted to capture the fainter regions too, and had to throw a lot of imaging time at it. To be honest, I'd like to have gone deeper but a 6 inch scope will only go so far in a reasonable length of time!
Adam Blocks image has more faint detail, but he was using a 20 inch RCOS, and unfortunately I don't have one!!
I had real problems processing this, due to the fact that my sensor was covered in little dust particles, but my flats didn't match, so I ended up equalising the background by adjusting the brightness ranges of individual groups of pixels, and lots of use of layers….very time consuming but quite effective when nothing else works!!

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Imaged over several nights in November and December 2009, and January 2010.

RGB. William Optics ZS80FD. Atik 16HR
R. 15 x 300 seconds
G. 15 x 320 seconds
B. 15 x 360 seconds.

Ha. TMB 152 @ F8, SXV H16 and Atik 16HR
32 x 900 seconds (SXV), 10 x 600 seconds (16HR)