M106, in Canes Venatici, is generally classed as an Sb type spiral and as such is similar to M31, as is easily seen here.
There's a fairly moderate black hole at the centre with a mass of 39 million solar masses, which consumes about 1% of a solar mass per year.
I first imaged this with a borrowed OSC camera in April, and took over 40x 6 minute subs, but wasn't happy with the result, so I started again with a mono camera and filters.
There's a little Ha added to the red, but only at about 20% opacity, as I wanted to avoid the separate 'jewels' of deep red that I've had with my previous additions of Ha in various images.
With this image, I've tried to keep a 'natural' feel…whatever that means!

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Imaged over several nights in May 2009 with my TMB 152 and Atik 16HR.

Luminance. 8 hrs 54 minutes
Red. 1 hr 24 minutes binned 2x2.
Green. 1 hr 48 minutes binned 2x2.
Blue. 2 hrs 17 minutes binned 2x2.
Ha. 1 hr. binned 2x2.

Total imaging time was 15hrs 20 minutes.