NGC 2903.

NGC 2903 is a barred spiral galaxy about 30 million light-years away in Leo just to the right of Epsilon Leonis.
It was discovered by William Herschel who catalogued it on November 16, 1784
It's one of the brightest galaxies visible from the northern hemisphere but wasn't included in Messiers' catalogue for some reason
At 80,000 light-years across, it's a little smaller than the Milky Way and has a very high rate of star formation near its core in visible light. A lot of the very bright starlike objects in the central region are actually very young hot globular clusters.

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Imaged with a TMB 152 @F8. April & May 2011
Cameras. Atik 16HR & SXVF H18
16HR. Luminance-30 X 600s binned 1x1, Red-19 x 180s, Green-23 x 150s, Blue-21 x 240s. All colour binned 2x2.
H18. (Outer starfield only) Red-7 x 600s, Green-6 x 600s, Blue-6 x 600s.
Total imaging time-8 hrs 19 minutes.
I also shot 80 minutes of Ha, but didn't use it as it added nothing, and a night of 10 minutes subs with my Edge 11, which turned out to be unusable due to icing on the chip, which was impossible to remove the effects of with flats.