NGC 40 (Caldwell 2), The 'Bow Tie nebula'

There are quite a few planetary nebulae in the Cygnus/Cepheus area, and I was scanning through them one night when I came across this one, which looked worthy of closer inspection.
As it's pretty small, I used a 2x Barlow lens to increase my focal length to F16, and shot some 4 minute subs of it (seeing was pretty bad, and 4 minute subs were about the longest I could go without too much blurring at 2400mm focal length).
At that focal ratio, my 6 inch scope is very slow, so what I caught was pretty faint and I didn't catch any of the fainter nebulosity, so I may well revisit this object with a larger scope at a later date.
It is about 1 light year across, and lies 3500 light years away from us, in the constellation of Cepheus.
It was discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1788.

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Imaged with a TMB 152 @ F16 & Atik 16HR (Televue 2x Barlow lens used)

A H-alpha luminance layer was used.


Ha x 10, R x 11, G x 11, B x 17.

All subs 4 minutes.

Total imaging time. 3 hrs 16 minutes.

Imaged on the 30th August 2010