NGC 7331

This was a bit of a pig to process!
Looking at my observing notes for the night, seeing was, by my very scientific scale, rubbish!
Consequently, the stars ended up like footballs, plus, not having one of the newer ACF scopes, at anything other than f6.3 and above, coma rears its ugly head and the galaxy looked like it was under cometary bombardment!

There is a big dynamic range in this target, and because I had to stretch it a lot to bring out the spiral arms, the already large stars got even bigger, requiring many passes of curves, plus star shrinking using the minimum filter, and manually removing the comet tails and fixing up artifacts caused by lots of deconvolution filtering.
So, not my best but the best I've managed so far of this group....hopefully next year conditions may be a bit better and this set of data will be something to build on. :)
Next time round I think I need to go for longer exposure times to avoid having to stretch the data so much and avoid the noise levels produced by doing so.


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Telescope. 14 inch LX200GPS at around f5 or so, Camera. Atik 16HR.
Luminance. 36 x 5 minutes of a run of 62
RGB, 15 each, 3 minutes binned 2x2.