The Whirlpool Galaxy




M27, The 'Dumbbell Nebula'




M42, The Orion Nebula

M31, The Andromeda Galaxy.

NGC 6960.

The 'Witches Broom'

The Bubble Nebula



The Crab Nebula

M101, The 'Pinwheel Galaxy'


NGC 1396

The Elephants Trunk Nebula


The 'Siamese Twins'



The Sunflower Galaxy


Canis Minor!


NGC 6946. The 'Fireworks Galaxy'



NGC 2903

NGC 4565




The Ring Nebula



M 106


NGC 2264, The 'Cone Nebula'

Horsehead and Flame Nebulae

IC 5146. The 'Cocoon Nebula.

NGC 7212

NGC 4435 and 4438

The Eyes Galaxies


M33 'The Triangulum Galaxy'

NGC 6996 The Network Nebula

NGC 4449

NGC 891


NGC 281, the 'Pacman nebula'

NGC 7000 North American Nebula


NGC 7331

NGC 4490

Thc Cocoon Galaxy

M82, The 'Cigar Galaxy'


M94, The 'Cat's Eye Galaxy'


NGC 7662. 'The Blue Snowball'

NGC 7023, The 'Iris Nebula'



Abell Galaxy Cluster, AGC 2666.


NGC 7789, 'Carolines' Rose', or the 'White Rose' cluster.


IC 2162. Emission nebula complex in Orion.

M81, 'Bodes Galaxy'

M81-M82 Region,



NGC 6888

The Crescent Nebula



NGC 4631

The Whale Galaxy


NGC 3718 and 3792




NGC 40, The 'Bow Tie' nebula.





The Leo Triplet